About Us

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is – traditional values, innovative solutions. We understand the core areas in which we can provide invaluable service to our clients.

All our efforts and expert solutions are built around finding new and better ways to set up their employee base. We approach them as collaborators in their business, not just as third-party service providers.

Our Service

We save our clients the hassle of having to get on the learning curve of each country, tackling its unique bureaucratic processes, and having to adapt to the compliance issues of a payroll in another country.

We undertake all responsibilities relating to employer of record services, recruitment, compliance, vendor and contractor auditing, and advisory services to our clients to offer them perspectives on how to better optimise their business model based on our employment solutions.

For more details on our services, do take a look at our Services section.

Our Reputation

With over 125 countries within our ambit, and a growing force of employees, our reputation also grows as a reliable, professional and dynamic service provider.

We serve our clients with integrity, commitment and innovation; an equation of mutual respect and trust is a given, when we work with clients. Moreover, we are known for approaching our services as solutions for companies.

With Worldwide Workplace Ltd, growth and productivity are in your grasp, and the sky the limit for your business.