Worldwide Workplace Services

Global HR Services – when you need them, as you need them

Our range of services cover every aspect of employee management. Additionally, we offer budgeting solutions through our evaluations and tracking services. The HR solutions we offer could prove invaluable to a business looking to venture into a whole range of countries, and it’s their full potential in the global market.

Our key services:

  • Recruitment and retention of the right talent
  • Control of benefit costs
  • Engagement with overseas employees with full compliance
  • Liaising with overseas authorities
  • Filing and paying in-country taxes
  • Reporting and tracking expense account spending
  • Monitoring and management of end-of-employment contracts
  • Comprehensive management of a client’s HR responsibilities

Our knowledge of international compliance is comprehensive and attuned to stay abreast of all changes and developments. This, combined with our cultural understanding and risk management, puts us in a prime position in our field. You can use our services to grow your business, tap newer markets and focus on wealth creation.

Broadly, our services fall under the following headings:


Employer of Record

Our global expertise in handling employer of record services is second to none. For both short-term and long-term assignments, we provide you the assurance and bandwidth to explore your international goals. Our services cover over 125 countries, and the list grows everyday.


Contractor and Vendor Evaluations

A key factor in reducing wasteful expenditure is reducing costs incurred by vendors and contractors who can be irregular with their financial compliance. Regular auditing prevents them from making your costs spiral, and keeps your budget in check. We offer regular auditing processes to help you minimise costs.


Human Resource Advice and Compliance

Employing people overseas is a process that carries its own risks with it. We offer comprehensive advice to manage risk, liability, and optimise HR decisions. Our risk management advice is crucial to our clients in helping them avoid various country-specific problems and issues.



The core of all employer of record services, appropriate recruitment is the most important step for our clients. Our reach across 6 continents allows us to offer unmatched recruitment solutions to our clients.


Our other service areas:

  • Visa Assistance
  • Ex-Pat Relocation and Contract Management
  • Compensation Advice
  • Benefit Provision and Management
  • Expense Account Reporting
  • Local Language Assistance for HR.


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