Worldwide Workplace Solutions

Optimising your human resource opportunity

Several employee management companies look at themselves purely as service providers, offering solutions that allow them to charge for services. Where we are different is that we see ourselves as providers of a solution to fit your business. We understand the interests and expectations of your company, and provide solutions that are in sync with the same.

Our approach to you is more that of a collaborator than a mere third party. We invest our time and efforts into finding innovative ways to help you expand into international markets. Knowledge of international compliance is key, and that’s where our solution comes in: offering a plan to meet international compliance standards while addressing all the needs of the business.

The services we provide include, but are not limited to: employer of record, payroll and filings, currency exchange, benefits, pension, HR consulting, and liability management. These are tailored to fit your specific needs, your vision, and your unique employment requirements.

What we offer gives you the flexibility that can ensure ease to market. Any international employee we provide will align with the specific demands of your projects, be they long-term or short-term.

With your costs lowered, backend work resolved, and time saved, our solution will be the differentiating factor between your company and others. It will increase your productivity and allow you to plan at a truly global scale, without the restrictions and concerns that might otherwise slow you down.


What We Provide Solutions For: Your Needs

  • Payroll and filing
  • HR Compliance
  • Benefits
  • Local Language Assistance
  • Cultural Familiarisation and Understanding
  • Retirement or Pension
  • Liability Management
  • Currency Conversion
  • Expat Relocation Assistance
  • Reporting
  • VISA Assistance
  • Expense Account Reporting
  • HR Consulting
  • Legal Assistance
  • Ease to Market